Irregular Cornea (Keratoconus Post Corneal Graft)

Irregular Cornea (example Keratoconus, Post Corneal Graft)

Keratoconus is a disease of the eye where a normally round cornea progressively thins and bulges like a cone. The change in the shape of the cornea brings light rays out of focus which then results in blurred and distorted vision.

Symptoms include:

  • mild blurring of vision
  • slightly distorted vision
  • increased sensitivity to light and glare
  • eye redness or swelling

It usually takes a few years for the disease to progress so early detection is key to prevent it from worsening.

In the Philippines, one of the few optometrists who can help treat Keratoconus is Dr. Geoffrey Co. Son of Dr George Co Sr., a prominent eye doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Co grew up in the confines of his father’s eye clinic. In his young age, Dr. Geoffrey knew in his heart that he would want to become like his father.

He graduated from City University in London in 1993 with First Class Honors. He was then trained at the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital in London at their Contact Lens department as well as in the Low Vision Clinic, Glaucoma Clinic and Corneal Clinic.
He was the topnotcher of the Philippine Optometry Board Exams in 1996 and was awarded as the Most Outstanding Professional in the Field of Optometry in 2012. He is the only optometrist in the Philippines who is licensed to also practice in the United Kingdom.


Today, Dr. Geoffrey Co is adding and improving his father’s legacy as the President and CEO of George Optical.